LuWSI Projects

LuWSI has many projects that are being led by different LuWSI partners. The projects aim at aligning the motivations, capacities and approaches of these different stakeholders who hold an enormous amount of potential to sustainably safeguard Lusaka’s water sources. Efforts are channeled in multi –stakeholder projects. Non-LuWSI members can also join projects and contribute to water security in Lusaka.

On going LuWSI Projects

Green Cities Adaptation Program (GCAP)

Water Security Action and Investment Planning Process

Lusaka Green Schools Partnership Program

LuWSI Program on water stewardship for corporates and Commercial utilities

LuWI’s projects:

  • Take a multi-stakeholder & holistic approach
  • Contribute to LuWSI Action Areas & results indicators
  • Are endorsed by mandated authorities
  • Include at least two LuWSI Core Partners
  • Adhere to LuWSI Principles
  • Capture & share lessons, progress & results
  • Allow LuWSI to count results

LuWSI’s projects benefit from:

  • Strategic alignment to a common water security agenda & improved harmonisation with other actors
  • Endorsement from mandated authorities & improved legitimacy to overcome bottlenecks
  • Increased profiling/visibility through LuWSI’s communications & partner network
  • New information sharing, collaboration & resource leveraging opportunities
  • Support to adopt cutting edge multi-stakeholder, rights-based and monitoring approaches

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